Y8 Remote Learning - PSHE

Armfield Academy – PSHE

Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Post-Covid RE and PSHE will be during the same hour slot. There will be a half term of RE then a half term of PSHE. This is the plan for the RE elements of the year. Three half terms worth of work.



Week Commencing

Curriculum Overview

Community and careers

Home Learning link Half Term 1

2nd November

How to be enterprising

Google Classroom

9th November

What are the most important enterprising skills?

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16th November

Real life entrepreneurs

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23rd November

How could my interests help me decide on a career?

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30th November

Wants and needs

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7th December

Prejudice and stereotyping

What is prejudice and discrimination?

14th December

Values and career choices

Equality in the UK


Mental and emotional well-being

Home Learning link Half Term 4

22nd February

Attitudes toward mental health

Google Classroom

1st March

Daily well-being and managing emotions

Google Classroom

8th March

Developing digital resilience

Google Classroom

15th March

Online Stress & FOMO

Google Classroom

22nd March

Coping strategies

Google Classroom


Digital Literacy

Home Learning link Half Term 6

7th June

Communication and networking

Google Classroom

14th June

Online safety

Google Classroom

21st June

Media sources

Google Classroom

28th June

Making responsible decisions online

Google Classroom

5th July

Body image in the cyber world

Google Classroom

12th July

Exploring cyber crime

Google Classroom

19th July


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