Welcome to Armfield Academy

Welcome to Armfield Academy


"I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to be the first Headteacher of the Armfield Academy.

Building upon the experience and successes gained in my previous Headships, I am determined to ensure that Armfield Academy immediately delivers at the highest level and that through high aspirations and expectations, strong discipline underpinned by traditional British values we will achieve excellent outcomes for all our students.

Only by establishing strong relationships with parents/carers, Governors and our local community will we be able to fully support our students and quickly establish our school as “an Academy to be proud of”.

I look forward to working with you all”

Chris Lickiss, Executive Headteacher




"We, at Armfield Academy, are committed to achieving the very best educational and social outcomes for every one of our students.  We will do this by putting learning, challenge and care at the heart of all aspects of our work, so that every child can be the best they can be.

Our vision will be realised through our clearly articulated values which are pride, ambition, respect, resilience, integrity and excellence. These values are not only shared by our FCAT partner schools but indeed our parents/carers and most importantly they are at the heart of everything the Academy strives to achieve.  It is our overriding aim to make these values highly visible in every child and student, whilst providing a safe, healthy, stimulating and exciting environment for all to grow, learn, and play in.

Our young people will be encouraged to develop lively enquiring minds, to be capable of independent thought and to appreciate those areas of knowledge and understanding which will nurture wisdom, supporting them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, preparing them for their future life outside education, into employment and personal happiness. Academic excellence, respect and tolerance for others, resilience, self-discipline and self-confidence form the basis of our school's philosophy.

Our successes and our reputation in the local community will be based on a close relationship between well-qualified and dedicated staff; enthusiastic, self-reliant, well-behaved young people who are eager to learn.  Most importantly through working in partnership with parents/carers, together we continually aim to ensure our young people are happy and they make the necessary progress in lessons to give them the education and purposeful future that they aspire to and will have rightly earnt.

In keeping with ‘An Academy to be Proud of’ it is indeed our young people that we are most proud of.  My staff and I, supported by their parents/carers, gain tremendous satisfaction and pleasure in seeing them grow and achieve every single day at Armfield Academy.  Every single lesson really does count and every single child and student really does matter.

We sincerely hope you find this website useful.   Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information or indeed have ideas on how we can improve it to offer a better service."

Mark Kilmurray, Head of School