The Academy Improvement Plan for the opening year as a quick guide for all stakeholders of the school.

One Year Academy Improvement Plan: Pocket Guide for All Stakeholders


Guiding Principles

Armfield Academy has developed the following guiding principles to achieve its vision:

  • The belief that our students’ success and happiness in school depends on all of us working together in close Partnership with parents, carers, and families.
  • We set the highest of expectations by developing a no excuse culture so that students will develop the Resilience to become successful learners.
  • We believe that every student must be Inspired to be the very best that they can be.
  • Together, and with support from all Trust members, we will Develop every student to fulfill their potential.
  • Every child is of equal importance to us


Core Values
  • We are dedicated to learning and achieving
  • We lead by example
  • We respect everyone
  • We are open, transparent and honest
  • We are committed to our community
  • We work together in one direction


Strategic Priorities


  Priority 1: Achievements and Standards Senior Leader Responsible Education Plan Reference
1.1 Raise expectations: Expectations are high for all student groups, an achievements culture is created and embedded. Head of School 1.1-3, 2.10
1.2 Attainment: National performance indicators are met. Exec P/HofS 2.7 4.1 8.4
1.3 Progression: All pupil groups make expected progress Exec P/HofS 2.7 4.1 8.4
1.4 Attendance: Attendance in year 1 is 96%+ and persistent absence below 6% Exec P/HofS 2.7 4.1
1.5 Punctuality: All students arrive punctually for learning which commences at 8.50am. Assistant Principal  

Effective Use of Data: national data used to set targets throughout each Phase.

Tracking based on accurate data, is rigorous and effective.

Assessment, recording and reporting contribute to strong student progression.

AP/Phase leader 2.10



  Priority 2: Teaching and Learning Senior Leader Responsible Education Plan Reference
2.1 80% of teaching is at least good with no inadequate teaching AP 7.1-5, 8.2, 8.3
2.2 The proportion of outstanding is at least 20% AP 7.3, 7.4, 8.2, 8.3
2.3 Effective Assessment for Learning supports sustained student progression AP 7.4
2.4 Learning is at the heart of everything we do for both staff and students AP 7.1-5
2.5 Students improve their understanding of ‘how to learn’. AP 7.3



  Priority 3: Leadership Senior Leader Responsible Education Plan Reference
3.1 A clear vision, direction of travel and effective structures are created and underpin strong impactful Senior Leadership. HofS 5.1.1, 5.2.2
3.2 Middle Leadership is developed and distributed leadership is embedded. HofS 5.2.4
3.3 High quality governance supports strong strategic planning and provides clear monitoring, evaluation and accountability. Exec P 5.1.4, 5.1.6, 5.1.7
3.4 Leaders at all levels model and promote Armfield Academy’s core values and principles. HofS 1.1-3
3.5 Staffing costs are maintained at below 75% of income with help from the wider family in FCAT Exec P 9.1



  Priority 4: Curriculum Senior Leader Responsible Education Plan Reference
4.1 Improve literacy and numeracy skills of all students at all levels. HofS 6.1, 6.6
4.2 Prepare and implement a three year phase 3 HofS 6.2, 6.6
4.3 Review the organisation of the academy day and effectiveness Exec P 6.5, 6.6.
4.4 Creation of high quality Schemes of Work for all learners across the Academy through the Qigs HofS 6.6



  Priority 5: Community Senior Leader Responsible Education Plan Reference
5.1 Ensure a shared understanding of and a commitment to the Academy’s core values and ethos in becoming an Academy to be Proud of Exec P/HofS 1.1-3
5.2 Implement a consistent approach amongst all staff for ensuring high standards of student behaviour HofS 11.1-4
5.3 Increase student satisfaction rates with regard to Behaviour for Learning. AP 11.4
5.4 All teaching staff will have engaged with the Teaching School CPD opportunities. AP 9.3, 9.4
5.5 Maintain a professional environment of the highest standards across the Academy. HofS 9.1
5.6 Armfield Academy quickly establishes itself a good reputation within the local community resulting from good student conduct and active community involvement. HofS 12.1-3
5.7 Complete Phase 2 of the building project within timescale Exec P On-going