Art, craft and design at Armfield embodies some of the highest forms of creativity and culture for our learners. Studying Art, craft and design at Armfield ensures that a proliferation in skill, creativity, problem solving and independence takes so that students have a true understanding of the arts, as well as gaining lifelong skills to develop students into young citizens.

A range of artistic techniques are taught such as illustrative drawing techniques, observational drawing, technical drawing, painting, printing and making. These techniques are taught in various ways to support student led learning through experience and collaborative learning with a clear link to industry.

The history of art and great artists past and present are taught to inspire, from this our students develop a critical understanding of these artists, illustrators, and designers, expressing reasoned decisions that can inform their own artworks. In Art, craft and design our fundamental vision is to develop our students so they can progress to further studies or move into employment.  

Art Curriculum