Building Developments Update 2 (BDU2)

21 March 2018


Armfield Academy – Building Developments Update 2 (BDU2)

BDU2 – Date: Wednesday 21st March 2018



“Welcome to our second BDU which gives readers an insight into the building developments currently taking place on the academy sites to the north and south of Arnold Avenue. 

The South Buildings will be ready in time for our September 2018 intake of 160 Year 7 students and 60 Reception students.  The bullet points below identify what specific actions are currently underway and what will follow. 

Please see the architectural elevations on BDU1 (please click latest news) of how our fantastic new Armfield Academy will look.  I intend to post further regular BDUs with photographs on a monthly basis.  Thank you for your continued support”.

John Topping, FCAT Community Relations and Estates Lead

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Armfield BDU 2 - South Buildings

  • Westover Building - Currently re-roofing this building along with the replacing of all defective timbers
  • Main South Building - 80% of the windows/curtain walling is in.  Glazing commenced Friday 16 March.
  • Plastering of walls commenced Monday 19 March
  • Mechanical and Electrical First Fix well underway in all areas
  • Brickwork to the new extensions due for completion by Friday 23 March

Armfield BDU 2 - North Buildings

  • Design and Technology Block and Sports Hall - Soft strip demolition complete, Internal remedial works to walls has commenced, Mechanical and Electrical First Fix well underway in all areas
  • Main North Building - Piling Mat to be complete by Friday 23 March
  • Piling to commence Monday 26 March


Armfield BDU 2 – Car Park

  • New Arnold Avenue car park complete with contractors parking on site