Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) starts in Nursery and continues until the end of Reception Class. 


Head of Primary – Mrs J. McKinnon

Interim Primary SENCO – Miss O. Clarkson

EYFS Lead – Mrs J. Shepherd

Reception Teachers – Miss B. Rogerson and Mrs J. Shepherd

Reception Teaching Assistants – Mrs H. Nichols, Mrs C Livesey and Miss J Low


During the Reception Class year, the children experience teacher input on a daily basis and access continuous provision through the day to stimulate, develop and enhance their play and development. The principles are very much based on learning through play and developing independence, through the Prime and Specific areas of the EYFS curriculum.

There are dedicated Phonics, Reading and Maths input sessions that fill the children's very busy days. Children have access to the outdoors on a daily basis and our work involves parents as partners in as many ways as possible to develop the children’s education and characteristics of learning.

We offer Parents’ Evenings and termly parent stay and play sessions for parents to visit and work alongside their children and share as many experiences as possible to enhance their learning journey. We also run a reading and writing workshop where parents are invited into school to observe how we teach early reading and writing.  Parents always find the session very informative and feedback to us about how it has helped them to support their child at home with their reading books has been very positive.


At Armfield Academy we teach phonics using a synthetic phonics approach incorporating the Jolly Phonics Songs into the Letters and Sounds Programme of Learning. The children begin to familiarise themselves very quickly using this multi-sensory approach. Phonics is taught every day using the four-part model below. Phonics is taught every morning in class. The children are grouped into different groups depending on their knowledge of letter sounds (phonemes). Tricky words are also taught. Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out and the children have to learn them by sight. The programme is pacy and the children learn a new letter sound every day. It is not long before the start to blend the sounds they have learnt together to read simple words. And so their journey begins!


Reading a vital life skill that underpins all learning. Reading is the key to understanding subjects such as maths, science and history as well as everyday signs and environmental print. It is crucial that school and home work together to develop and foster a love of reading. At Armfield we not only want children to have a love of reading but to help the children to understand the important function reading has.

The children will be provided with a home-school reading book where they will be expected to read the book at home at least three times. The reading books sent home will offer an element of challenge to the children whilst exposing them to a range of new and familiar words that will support the development of their writing.

The staff model expression and intonation in their reading through shared, guided and whole class reading sessions. After reading the book the teachers will ask different questions about what they have read to help improve their comprehension skills. At school we use a range of reading schemes including Rising stars, Story Sparks, Reading Champions, Project X and Oxford Reading Tree Infact Non-Fiction Books. We also have a lovely selection of book banded picture books for the children to choose from too.

EYFS Curriculum

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